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GALAEI works to cultivate leadership in queer Latin@ communities by empowering and teaching the skills and tools to communities most affected to fight, organize and advocate for themselves. They build collective power and recognize the importance of focused collaboration with other community-based and advocacy organization to build power in communities as well as solidarity between other marginalized/oppressed peoples. Collectively, they work towards social justice as defined as a healthy community free from homo/transphobia, HIV and HIV-related stigma, racism, sexism, poverty, deportation, and incarceration.


The youth program works to support the empowerment of queer latin@ youth through individual coaching, group support, community engagement, and leadership development. Galaei provides a safe and affirming drop-in where youth are coached through various issues relating to sexual health, education, employment, conflict resolution, and trauma. Group activities allow queer latin@ youth to strengthen their social support system and facilitate dialogue about how they can make an impact in their community through organizing. Contact: Francisco Cortes (


Galaei provides client-centered, non-judgmental HIV prevention services such as free condoms and lube; free, confidential HIV and STI (sexually transmitted infection) testing, sexual health counseling, same-day linkage to medical care for people diagnosed with HIV; and access to pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) – the pill that helps prevent HIV. counselors aim to validate individuals’ feelings, calm their fears, and provide a holistic service to ensure people can lead healthy and happy lives, regardless of their HIV status. Contact: Sergio Morales (


TIP provides peer-based support for trans* individuals (trans* encompasses any individual who does not identify as cisgender). the program offers sexual health and HIV prevention counseling, mentorship with transitioning, help with name change, legal advocacy, referrals for housing and food, and opportunities to build community to work towards trans* justice. Contact: Aamina Morrison (


Phone: 267-457-3912

Location: 149 W Susquehanna Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19122

Contact: Nikki Lopez (

Prevention Point

Prevention Point Philadelphia is a non-profit, public health organization committed to protecting the health and welfare of drug users and sex workers. PPP works to reduce the harm associated with drug use and sex industry work by offering a safe and humane alternative to the war on drugs. PPP provides a full spectrum of consumer-driven programs to over 10,000 individuals annually through four major programs: the Syringe Exchange Program, the Harm Reduction Services Center, the Street-Side Health Project and the Trans-health Information Project. Students from BMC have volunteered with PPP by providing risk reduction supplies and education at syringe exchange sites.



Phone: 215-634-5272

Location: 166 West Lehigh Ave., Lower Level, Philadelphia, PA 19133 (Click here for map)

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Action AIDS Friends for Life

ActionAIDS works in partnership with people living with or affected by HIV/AIDS to sustain and enhance their quality of life. The organization provides a range of direct services and takes an active and professional approach to leadership in service, education and advocacy. Volunteers serve as a “buddy” to patients by providing limited practical and emotional support to people living with HIV disease through face-to-face interactions and regular phone calls.

Website :

See to learn more about opportunities for volunteers.

Phone: 215-981-3324 (Jay Johnson, Volunteer Coordinator)

Email: (Jay Johnson, Volunteer Coordinator)

Location:  1216 Arch Street, 6th Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19107 (Click here for map)

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ACT UP – AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power

“For meeting the challenge of the AIDS epidemic and its crisis of conscience with vigilant acts of political and cultural provocation    thereby giving voice to the essential creative will of our humanity.”

static.squarespace.comACT UP stands for the AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power. We are a diverse, non-partisan group, united in anger, and committed to ending the AIDS crisis through direct action. Since its inception, ACT UP has used a diversity of direct action tactics to address social inequities that threaten people living with HIV/AIDS and those at risk of infection, both in Philadelphia and around the world. The AIDS pandemic closely follows the fault lines of broader social injustice. We continue to strive to end the AIDS crisis within the context/ through a lens of ending health disparities that are a clear result of inequality and injustice.

actup-whitehouseACT UP Philadelphia is a group of individuals united in anger and committed to ending the AIDS crisis through direct action.

Want to get involved? Come to a meeting:

When: Every Monday night, 6-9pm
Where: St. Luke’s Church Basement, 330 S. 13th St, Between Pine & Spruce



Phone: 215-386-1981

Location: LAVA, 4134 Lancaster Ave Philadelphia, PA 19104

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